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Mirror splash back

The one stop mirrorflex shop

If you are looking for mirror tiles you have come to the right place.

Specialist in Mirrorflex range of flexible mirror sheets
Have a diverse range of mirror tiles

We can:
Supply one sheet.
Supply tiles for commercial use e.g.: nightclubs and shops.

 We can cater for all your mirror tile needs, from the commercial end of the market to the hobbyist and crafter; we offer an extensive range and size of mirror tiles, both cloth backed and loose.

Our cloth backed "MirrorFlex" mirror tiles are flexible and can be used by the sheet to cover large areas with ease.

The sheets can simply be cut to size and their flexibility enables them to be fitted round pillars and curves and any convex surfaces. Each tile has a fine sandblasted border, so no grout is needed.

Commercially these sheets are very popular in nightclubs, shops and bars and have endless possibilities for home interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Single strips can be cut and applied as borders to shelf edges, frames etc.

Sheets of mirror tiles add dimension and reflection when used behind shelves and alcoves.

Our comprehensive range of products include precision cut tiles in a variety of sizes, interesting shapes such as diamonds and circles.

The mosaic section offers a range of mirror and creative tiles used for mosaics, card making, picture/mirror frames, home décor, mobiles and a host of other craft uses.

You can have confidence in the quality of all our products and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service.

Mosaic Mirror Tiles

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